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If you'd like to find out how much to save for retirement—or you want to estimate your personal net worth or organize your financial documents—these worksheets are a good place to start.

Retirement Needs Worksheet

Complete this worksheet to begin planning for the retirement you want. You'll learn:

  1. The approximate amount of money you need to save.
  2. How your past and future savings are likely to grow.
  3. Whether or not you are on track to meet your retirement goals.

Download the Retirement Needs Worksheet (PDF)

Personal Net Worth Worksheet

Your net worth is a valuable indicator of your financial strength. Add up your assets and liabilities to see where you currently stand. You can then measure your progress by recalculating it at least once a year.

Download the Personal Net Worth Worksheet (PDF)

Inventory of Financial Account Information Form

Use this worksheet to compile important facts about your financial life, such as account numbers and contact information for your financial advisors. By keeping this inventory up to date, you can organize your financial life and help protect yourself and your loved ones in case of an emergency or other unexpected event.

Download the Inventory of Financial Account Information Form (PDF)

Investor Profile Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to help determine the mix of assets that best suits your needs. The questions address a number of factors, including your goals, time frame, and feelings about risk.

Your answers to the six questions will be used to create a personalized model portfolio, ranging from the most conservative (50% bonds, 30% cash, and 20% stocks) to the most aggressive (95% stocks and 5% cash). Keep in mind that the suggested percentages of stocks, bonds, and cash are only guidelines, not absolute rules. They are intended to give you a good example—not an exact figure—of how to configure your portfolio. 

Download the Investor Profile Questionnaire (PDF)

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