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Money Matters: Make It Count program for teens

Since 2004, Charles Schwab Foundation has helped more than 1 million Club youth gain critical money management skills through Money Matters: Make It CountSM, a youth financial education program of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Money Matters is designed to increase the financial literacy skills of Club teens by focusing on critical money management skills such as goal setting, budgeting and saving while also equipping them with the decision-making skills to put teens on the path to financial well-being and lifelong success. It is designed to support the following outcomes:

  • Behavior formation in budgeting, saving and investing; managing credit and debt; and postsecondary planning
  • Strong decision-making skills around finance
  • Confidence in knowledge of financial products, tools and services.

By prompting youth to envision the goals they will have in 20 years as adults, Money Matters helps teens overcome college and career readiness gaps while preparing them to manage their future work lives: career preparation and selection, managing benefits and earnings, employability, and providing for their family and other responsibilities without the distraction of financial stressors.

Equally important, through Money Matters and related programs, teens learn life skills: responsibility, self-confidence, communication, problem solving and decision making. Financial literacy can lead to workplace readiness, lifelong financial stability and overall success—a win for workers, employers and communities.

The program is delivered through hands-on and engaging experiences that include:

  • Comprehensive 25 session in-Club curriculum built on facilitator-guided experiential activities and a "My Future Self Form" to develop and track goals.
  • Reality Store, a volunteer-led event that simulates 'reality' and helps teens understand how the choices they make about career and money can have a dramatic impact on their future.
  • Money Matters Ambassador program, which has awarded over 185 college scholarships totaling more than $600,000 to youth who have participated in the Money Matters program.
  • Digital engagement, through Boys and Girls Clubs' My.Future online platform and Money Matters: $ky, a fun and engaging online game that explores how early financial decisions impact financial futures.

Money Matters is available through the more than 2,500 teen-serving Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation. Visit Boys & Girls Clubs' website or contact a club near you to learn more.


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