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Money Matters: Make It Count program for teens

Funded by Charles Schwab Foundation, this financial education program is available through any of the 2,500 teen clubs nationwide. It was designed specifically to help teens ages 13-18 expand their knowledge of money management and learn the skills that lead to financial independence and well-being.

Through fun, interactive activities and exercises on topics like using a checking account, learning how to budget, managing debt and saving for college, Club members gain basic money management skills and learn practical ways to save, spend and invest their money. The Money Matters: Make It Count program consists of five components:

Teen Personal Finance Guide includes practical tips and activities to help teens learn the important skills of balancing a checkbook, creating a budget and investing for college and retirement. The guide also provides basic entrepreneurial information for teens interested in starting businesses.

Facilitator's Guide contains basic financial concepts that Club staff and volunteers can use to help teens understand the benefits of effective money management. Easy-to-implement small-group activities that are typically completed in less than an hour supplement and reinforce the information in the Teen Personal Finance Guide.

Money Matters Website is an interactive, engaging tool that teen program participants can use to balance a checkbook, make budgeting and investment decisions and learn about starting a business. The secure web site also features a saving and financial aid calculator to help teens plan for college.

Schwab Employee Volunteer Program provides Schwab professionals with an opportunity to volunteer at Clubs and share their financial expertise with Club members and their families. Employees are also encouraged to participate in other programs offered at the Clubs, including homework assistance, art, sports and computer labs.

Money Matters Scholarships and Awards include a certificate of completion for each participant, with scholarship and award winners selected based on their performance. Older teens (16-18) are eligible for $2,000 scholarships from Charles Schwab Foundation, and younger teens (13-15) are eligible to receive U.S. savings bonds.

Since the program’s inception in May 2004, more than 1,000 Boys & Girls Club locations nationwide have adopted Money Matters, and nearly 120,000 teens have completed the program. Charles Schwab Foundation has also presented almost $225,000 in college scholarship grants to 111 teens, ages 16-18, who completed the program and demonstrated their newly acquired financial literacy skills.

The workshop is only available through Boys & Girls Clubs. Visit their website or contact a club near you to learn more.

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