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Benefits of Investing Early

The value of time

Our Two Cents

It's about time in the market, not timing the market. Your kids have time on their side, so encourage them to start investing as soon as possible.

Kids may think they don't have enough money to invest. But it's not just about how much money you invest, it's also about how much time you have to invest it. And if there's one thing kids have plenty of, it's time.

The benefits of compound growth

The more time you have, the more you can benefit from compound growth.

Try this example with your kids:

If you put away $25 a month for 10 years and never invested it or earned any interest on it, you'd have $3,000 after 10 years. But if you invested that same $25 a month for 10 years and you earned 8 percent each year on your investment, you would end up with more than $4,500. In other words, you'd have 50 percent more.

Use the to try other scenarios and see how savings can grow.


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