Schwab MoneyWise ®
Schwab MoneyWise®

"Our goal is to bring financial education to everyone because to me, knowing how to manage money wisely is a way for people to make their dreams come true." – , President, Charles Schwab Foundation

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Transforming lives through financial education

Financial education isn't just about learning to manage money. It's about opportunity and a brighter future. That's why providing people with the tools to take hold of their finances and help improve their lives—whether they're just starting out or facing retirement—is our primary focus.

For a teen on the verge of independence or a senior struggling to make ends meet, financial education can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity, between feeling helpless or hopeful. By volunteering in classrooms and community centers from coast to coast, our employees see firsthand how a lesson in budgeting or saving for college can inspire hope and give people tangible ways to take action—and control.

Here are just some of our many programs that help make that difference.

Opening doors for teens with money management courses and more

For more than a decade, we've collaborated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to educate our nation's teens. Our Money Matters: Make it Count℠ program, which teaches basic money management skills—including how to save, spend, and invest wisely—has been proven by third-party research* to have a significant impact on teens' financial behaviors. To date, more than 650,000 teens have participated in this program, and more than $500,000 in scholarships has been awarded.

Schwab MoneyWise® on Campus is an engaging digital learning experience designed to help college students build their financial knowledge and set them up for a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Offered for free through universities, the program guides students through real-life situations and helps them build a personalized action plan to manage their finances while in school. Participating universities include the University of California, Irvine (UCI), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), and Colorado State University. We plan to expand to additional university participants in the future.

Fostering financial education through unbiased help and hands-on tools

Designed for people from all walks of life, the Schwab MoneyWise website offers clear, straightforward explanations and hands-on tools. Our priority is to help you make the most of your money with this comprehensive resource offering unbiased help.

Uniting around community service

A strong commitment to philanthropy and volunteer service is part of Schwab's culture and history. We offer a variety of programs to help employees reach out to their own communities and contribute to causes that are important to them. Some employees do it with money, some with their time and expertise. All do it with a heartfelt desire to make a difference.

  • Enhancing employee donations with matching gifts

    Schwab employees can count on Charles Schwab Foundation to match the donations they make to their favorite charities. If they give of their time by also serving on a charity's board, the match is doubled.

  • Offering paid time off to encourage volunteerism

    We reinforce our spirit of volunteerism by offering employees paid time off to volunteer. Collectively, they donate thousands of hours of service to local nonprofits and organizations throughout the year. In addition, every year during Schwab Volunteer Week, thousands of employees work in classrooms, boardrooms, neighborhoods, and gardens across the country for organizations and causes that matter to them.

  • Reaching out to bolster nonprofits

    Our Pro Bono Challenge is a unique volunteer experience in which teams of Schwab employees offer consulting sessions to help nonprofit organizations solve business and operational challenges. By sharing their professional skills, our employees enable these nonprofits to expand their services to reach a greater number of people.

  • Supporting employee fundraising efforts

    Schwab employees walk, run, climb, cycle, and enthusiastically participate in other activities to help rally people, raise money, and spread optimism for a range of causes from health services to environmental issues to animal rights.

    Learn more about Charles Schwab Foundation and our community efforts.

*Evidence-based evaluation conducted by Inference LLC, May 2013.

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