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Financial freedom starts here.

For our military community—whether active or civilian—managing day-to-day finances has unique choices and challenges. We're here to help you plan for the strong, secure financial future you deserve.

Start with the financial basics.

It's kind of like basic training, but without the early morning wakeup call.

Guard your credit.

Managing and monitoring your credit is more important than ever, especially for service members.

Take control of expenses.

The key here: Keep a simple budget and know where your money goes.

Power down debt.

Credit is a powerful tool. It's convenient and helpful in emergencies. But it can all too easily sabotage your goals.

Have a plan.

When it comes to achieving life's big financial goals, those who plan most often succeed.

Save and invest.

Save for a secure financial future—and invest to get there sooner.

What's going on in your life?

Whether sending your financial goals two steps forward or one step back, life's major milestones can make you rethink and reprioritize. We're here to help.


Being mobilized adds a whole set of unique financial challenges. Here are some important things to know and do—before and after you deploy.

Before deployment.

Get your finances in order before your deployment begins. Pre-Deployment Checklist

After deployment.

Your money needs reintegration too, so take care of these important things. Post-Deployment Checklist

Be mission ready for whatever life brings.

Marriage: Marrying your finances.




Loss: Handling finances after loss.

Buying a house or car.

Take advantage of your benefits: VA guaranteed home loans

  • Decide if it makes sense to buy your first home while you're in the military: VA Mortgage

Be prepared:

Use smart tools:

Retiring from the military.

As you begin your transition back to civilian life, make sure your retirement will be everything you want it to be—and everything you've worked so hard to achieve.

Use our financial checklist to ease your transition. Military Retirement Checklist

Take advantage of your benefits: A Guide to the Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System

Be prepared:

Keep learning


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