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Charles Schwab donates employees' skills for big impact. (3 min.)

Carrie Schwab, Schwab employees, and nonprofit organizations discuss the impact of Schwab's Pro Bono Challenge.

Well welcome everybody to Schwab's Pro Bono Challenge. Looking forward to getting started here, but I'm also looking forward to seeing what comes out at the end of the day. The Pro Bono Challenge brings experts in different disciplines such as marketing and IT and HR into the community to help the nonprofits solve some particular issue. Pro Bono Challenge is really a fantastic new opportunity for employees at Schwab to bring lots of different skills to the table on behalf of these wonderful nonprofits who are doing so much in their communities. For them to come in with a completely fresh set of eyes to look at the process and provide kind of real-time feedback was super, super valuable. It became apparent that they really understood who we were, that they had listened, and they really got what we were doing. I like to think that something that I do every day can actually have impact far-ranging than the industry that I'm in. But a lot of nonprofits today only spend about 8% on infrastructure, you know, operations, while for-profit companies spend about 20%. Bringing this sort of pro bono expertise to the community or to these nonprofits, we're strengthening them even more. What we've done today has huge potential to transform how Kiva works, really forces us to reevaluate kind of where we're at, what we're working on, and how we think about what we do. Our Schwab consultants really helped our organization today by focusing on what we really need. One, we're making immediate improvements now, but they've given us the tools to really build on that going forward, and it's just, we got so much further today than I thought we would. It was just amazing. A lot of things we were using, as far as marketing goes, some of them we found out were confusing, so we thank the team for bringing those things out and helping us get on the path to correction. When you're able to try to transfer skills, it's more lasting in a way. Paint fades, chips, but you know skills can endure. So this is seeding connections that will have impact far beyond the five hours that they're spending together today, but really creating strong relationships in the community going forward.


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