Giving Back

Charity really does begin at home

Learning about philanthropy and giving back to your community are important—and sometimes overlooked—steps in becoming financially literate.

Introducing your kids to the concept of philanthropy can be as simple as talking about your own volunteer work or encouraging them to donate some of their savings to an important cause. Like saving and investing, charitable giving will ideally become second nature.

Passing on important values

Convincing kids of the importance of philanthropy probably won't be difficult. But convincing them to make it an ongoing habit might be more challenging. When talking with your kids about philanthropy and volunteering, keep in mind that giving back to the community:

  • Helps your kids view the world through a broader lens
  • Gives kids an opportunity to experience what it feels like to have a positive influence or help someone less fortunate
  • Offers you, as a parent, a meaningful opportunity to reinforce important values

Want more ideas? Try these five tips to help make philanthropy an important part of your family's life.


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